Herbs are excellent plant sources of foods loaded with nutrients (vitamins, minerals, enzymes and more) which our body can use to achieve and maintain good health.  Herbs also nourish, regulate, cleanse and help the body heal itself.  Herbs are powerful natural foods.

Herbs don’t cure but they nourish.  If the body has the ability to heal, it will use the raw materials found in foods to do its own healing work.  Herbs do not heal, they feed.  Herbs do not force the body to maintain and repair itself.  They simply support the body in these natural functions.

Herbs do not address disease.  Herbs have been chosen over thousands of years of history to feed different parts of the body.  For instance, you might eat carrots for good eyesight and broccoli for immune supporting antioxidants.  Are carrots and broccoli cures for glaucoma and cancer?  No But, wouldn’t you consume these nourishing foods at times of these afflictions.  History’s answer is Yes!  Thus we have historical uses for Herbs. 

Natural health is a way of living.  It’s learning to form a lifestyle that supports and fosters health (i.e, fresh air, pure water, wholesome foods, exercise, good outlook, stress management etc.).  Joy of life is the foundation of natural health, not fear of death.  ‘May you know the disease you prevented with natural health’.

Your immune system and your health are affected by all areas of your life.  Nourish all of them well.  The information provided here is not intended to prescribe specific problems, but to educate the general public concerning the historical uses of Herbs.  This all information provide here has been taken from the several records provided in the different books regarding Herbal health, Nutritional Herbology.

  >  Single Herbs – Historical uses.
>  Everyday Nutrition.
>  Digestive System.
>  Nervous System.
>  Circulatory System.
>  Intestinal System.
>  Urinary System.
>  Glandular System.
>  Pro-Biotics.
>  Immune System.
>  Structural System.
>  Respiratory System.
>  Herbs for men.
>  Herbs for Women.
>  Expecting Mothers.
>  Herbs for Children.
>  Athletes & Fitness.
>  Liquid Herbs.
>  Ayurvedic Herbs.
>  Chinese Herbs.

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